A Learning Attitude

A fundamental component in your development toolbox is the approach to and the ability to learn. This needs thought so that a personal plan can be developed (and acted upon). Some considerations include:

• Theoretical learning – reading, thinking, assimilation
• Practical learning – doing
• Learning by watching others – both good and bad. Learning from mistakes is good but painful – make it less so by learning from others mistakes. Try and emulate people who do things well
• Build diversity into your learning plan – using one constituent as your primary focus can limit your viewpoint
• Recognise culture as important to learning – organisational culture, geographic culture are important. Things get done in China differently than in Europe.
• Curiosity – the Lean Sigma tool of the “5 Why’s” gets to deeper learning more quickly
• Hone your listening skills
• Become a “teacher/coach” – this helps develop your learning capability
• Be open to tactical learning opportunities.

We all learn, but having a learning strategy is more effective than learning through serendipity.

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